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Party Packages | Smile its a Party

Party Packages


The bronze party package is the most basic package but by no means any less fun. We will聽arrive聽in just enough time to meet you and set up; then we will meet the birthday child.聽Then you sit down and relax; after all, you have done a lot of work already, we will handle the rest.

In this package you get a hour of memories and fun. We offer a聽broad聽range of entertainment including puppets, action songs,聽ventriloquism and party games.聽聽This also includes Happy Birthday sung by a puppet and a small gift to the birthday child.聽It truly聽is quality entertainment at an affordable price.


With our silver package you get a whopping one and a half hours of entertainment (the same as our bronze package). Then we break for the children to have their party food (not provided by us), before then returning to us for the last half hour of creative, imaginative and crazy fun, the birthday child gets a gift from the puppets.


This is聽truly聽the聽ultimate聽party package. This fully loaded package is ready to go off with a bang. This package is relaunched for 2013 and includes us decorating your venue with banners and balloons to make it a party to remember. It聽includes聽the silver package, free face painting for the birthday child and a ‘Smile聽gift’ for the birthday child, a personalised birthday cake and a free T-shirt. We will also video the day for you, edit it and return and include photographs all given on a cd for you.

Now we think聽that’s聽pretty impressive, Agree?

聽Now all that is left is for you to drop us a line to book your party for your School, Play Group, Club, Wedding, 聽Christmas Party* or 聽Corporate聽Fun.

*Smile Its A Party’s聽Christmas聽party is enjoyed every year by聽many聽organisations, You never know, Father Christmas may even make an聽appearance.

Book early to avoid聽disappointment.

All you do is feed them and leave the rest to us. Just remember to Smile, It’s a Party.

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