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Themed Packages | Smile its a Party

Themed Packages

What’s better than a Smile it’s a Party? A Themed Party!

At Smile its a party, we are able to offer a vast range of ‘specialised’ party’s, this means that the theme will be carried聽through聽the party and the whole show revolves聽around. We offer a great selection to make your special little one鈥檚 day…Special.

We can offer:

Balloon聽Modelling | Craft | Face Painting | Disco | Make-Over | Football | Puppet Training | Seasonal Party’s


This is a party package with a creative flair, Smile its a party will inspire your guests to create some聽wondrous聽creations, But dont worry about the mess; we will bring covers for the tables and all the fabulous crafts.聽Our crafts include glass painting, hand puppets and making a small bag and or purse, painting a ceramic, beads and聽card-craft, and many more! Just ask what we have聽available聽and we can make聽arrangements. After the creativity has subsided the child takes home their masterpiece, after we have聽demonstrated,聽supplied聽and聽offered聽the odd helping hand here and there in its聽creation. However the children do need to bring along a apron or old shirt, but we can still provide all the extra’s as in the gold, silver and bronze packages.


Disco – Smile can offer an under 11鈥瞫 Disco party hosted by our lively, energetic and creative professional DJ’s. We will bring flashing lights, games, party dances, action songs, fun! We can cater to all your needs. All of our partys can be adapted to suit many requirements and feel free to聽contact us聽for your no obligation quote today. Smile does not only do birthday parties, we also appear at many corprate events, scouting and guideing events and even the odd school聽party.聽The聽possibility’s聽are endless.



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