Planning a party can be stressful and we understand that. Smile It’s A Party has developed a selection for frequently asked question that are designed to put your mind  at ease. However if you do have any more questions then please, do not hesitate to drop us a line.


  • How much space do you need?

  • For the performing area we require at least 6ft x 6ft of clear space. Additionally to this we then require the young people to be seated appropriately 5ft away from the performing area. We require this extra space for safety reasons.


  • What is the best time for a party?

  • This depends if the party is held at a weekend or during the week. The best times for a weekend party are from 11am till 1pm and 3pm till 5pm. However if the party  is held on a weekday then we would recommend from 4:30pm. This allows the guests time to arrive in plenty of time.


  • What venue’s do you recommend?

  • Smile It’s A Party can perform in most venues however we would say that a church hall, village hall or community centre is ultimately the best as it provides the best facility’s such as parking and saves you home from being ruined by the young people. Locally we would recommend Kingsland Church, Lexden as they offer very good rates with excellent facility’s.


  • Will you perform outside?

  • Sadly, our equipment is not weatherproof and the functionality to perform outside is not feasible. We can however play games and do some activity’s outside weather permitting. To enable this there will need to be some adult supervision required for our equipment.


  • Do you give out prizes to the winning children?

  • No, sadly we do not. We do however give sweets to the children (if this is not appropriate for you party requirements please do let us know). We will give out provided prizes to the winning children if this has previously been noted.


  • How long do you need to set-up and pack away?

  • Due to the nature of Smile It’s A Party it takes 20 minutes to set up and 20 minutes to pack everything away again. This is due to the many props and items needed for a perfomance.


  • When will you arrive?

  • Smile It’s A Party aim’s to arrive 30 minutes before a show to allow plenty of time to set-up and meet the birthday child. If there are alternative arrangements that might be needed please contact us.


  • How do I book?

  • To book Smile It’s A Party we must first know all the relevant party information this includes the information of the birthday child, the number of guests, address of the venue and contact details. This in turn is used to populate a booking form and this is sent to you. After it has been signed and returned with the booking fee than we will post you a confirmation form.


  • Can Smile It’s A Party entertain adults too?

  • The show is mainly aimed at the children, we make no claim to entertain the adults as well however we do receive many comments saying how enjoyable they find the show. Adults to provide a vital service to keep problem children in order so there will need to some present at the party.